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Our Menu

Wings & Things

No Bones


Fried up chicken tenders with any of our own wing sauces on the side


Flavors: Die Hard, Rajun Cajun, Buffalo, Bootlegger BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Hot Shot Premium Sauces: Spicy Ranch, Buffalo Bleu, Chipotle BBQ, Tai Chili, Rooster Red Sauce, General Tso, Mango Habanero
1 lb - $6
Add bleu cheese, ranch, celery, extra sauce for 50 cents each


A whole messa fries smothered with chili, melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese, bacon and jalapenos.
Full size $8 Bucks
Junior $5 Bucks

Chicken Queso

Tortilla shells grilled and filled with cheese blend and your choice of Chicken, Shrimp, or Steak.
Full size- Chicken 8 bucks, Steak 9 bucks, Shrimp 10 bucks
Half size- Chicken 5 bucks, Steak 6 bucks, Shrimp 7 bucks
Add peppers and onions, shrooms or broccoli 1 buck each.

Hot Pepper Cheese Balls


Pepper Jack Cheese rolled up n' deep fried fur a kicking' bite

Onion Ringers


Thick ole onions battered and deep fried to perfection an teamed up with some tangy ring dipping sauce.

Fried Greenbeans


Pulled these green beans out of the garden, put a coatin' on em' and fried 'em up

Cow Chip Basket


Homemade tater chips made fresh daily.
Served with chipotle dippin sauce.

Deep Fried Cheese


Served up with some tasty
marinara dippin sauce.



Mashed Tater Ravioli!

Soups & Salads

All salad bases are made with green leaf and iceberg lettuce, tomato, green pepper, onion, croutons, egg and a blend of mozzarella and provolone cheese. Dressings: Thousand Island, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian, French, Sweet an Sour, Honey Mustard, Raspberry Vinegarette, Oil and Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegarette. Extra dressing half a buck.

Soup O' The Day

Down home chicken noodle served every day. Ask your darn server about today's soup special!

Soup & Salad


Side salad and a bowl of chili or soup of the day.

Stripped Chicken


Grilled chicken an onion rings atop the usual fixens.

Saucy Chick


Chicken tenders topped with your choice of wing sauce and crispy fries mound this salad.

Clubbed Gobbler


Grilled turkey, Swiss and American cheese, bacon and ham atop.

Steak* & Tater Salad


Black peppered steak topped with crisp fries.

Fajita Salad


Fajita grilled chicken, roasted peppers and onions, hand cut pico de gallo over the usual fixens on a bed of flash fried tortillas.

Angus Burgers

All of our half pound burgers are served on grilled Texas toast and served with chips.
Upgrade to fries, sweet potato fries or onion rings fur a buck.


Your choice: pickle, lettuce, tomato n onion. $7.00
Add chili, cheese (American, swiss, pepperjack),
shrooms, bacon, sautéed onions n peppers,
guacamole or egg fur a buck each.

Add any three for 2 bucks

Crazy Cow*


A crazy half pound burger carrying a load of sautéed onions n shrooms with melted Swiss.

ADA the Cow*


(A.K.A. I ate the cow) half pound burger with melted American, lettuce, tomato, mayo, bacon n onion rings.

Smokey Mountain Burger*


Two quarter pound patties stacked high with bacon, American cheese, our award winning BBQ sauce and a fried egg.



Half pound burger with tomato, bacon,
melted Swiss n mayo.

Blue Mountain Burger*


Half pound burger with bacon and bleu cheese crumbles. Git it a kick n add die hard sauce.

Big Rutt*


Two quarter pound piggy backing with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, American cheese n Thousand Island dressing.

Hillbilly Hollers*


Two quarter pound burgers that pack a wallup!
Topped with melted American, bacon, honey BBQ n jalapenos (now that's the wallup part.)

Chicken Stacks

Served with homemade chips.
Upgrade to fries, sweet potato fries or onion rings fur a buck.

Chicken Frisco


Grilled chicken, melted Swiss, tomato, bacon and mayo on grilled Texas toast.

Naked Chick


Grilled or crispy fried, top your chicken with your favorite wing sauce or cheese, then layer on lettuce, tomato, and mayo!

Chicken Philly


Sliced chicken, grilled peppers, an onion topped with Mozz, Cheddar blend on a grilled hoagie bun and a side of Honey BBQ.



Grilled chicken smothered in pepper jack cheese, topped with BBQ n bacon on a Kaiser roll.

Mushroom Melt


Grilled chicken an Swiss with a heap of sautéed onion n mushrooms on Texas toast.



Two chicken tenders topped with bacon, cheese n ranch on a hoagie bun.

More Sandwiches & Subs

Served with homemade chips.



Turkey or corned beef, sauerkraut, melted Swiss on Thousand Island on marble rye.

Fried Canadian


Our fried Canadian white fish will melt in your mouth. Its mounted on top of our hoagie bun. Tell us if you would like to spice it up with Cajun or Old Bay.

Turkey Stack


Turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sliced
American n mayo on grilled Texas toast. 6 bucks
Add egg fur a buck.

WV Dip


Roast beef, with melted Swiss on a grilled hoagie bun with a side of au jus for dippin.
Add sautéed shrooms or peppers n onions fur a buck.

The Steer*


Sliced steak, sauteed onions an peppers smothered with Mozzarella, Provolone blend on a grilled hoagie roll and a side of Italian dressing.

Big Pig


Slow cooked an marinated pulled pork tossed around with our own Honey BBQ sauce and landing on top a grilled Kaiser roll with slaw on the side. Winner of best food at Chefs Auction 2011



Bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato an mayo on grilled Texas toast.



Roast beef, bacon n cheddar cheese
sauce on a grilled hoagie bun.

Louisianna Shrimp Po' Boy


This shrimp is seasoned up with a cajun kick on a bed of lettuce, covered with our own chipotle ranch sauce loaded up on a hoagie bun.

Ruttenbucks Pick Two

Pick any combination and add two sides -17 bucks

Lil Heifer

A seasoned, hand cut 6 oz Steak cooked to yer liking! Upgrade to a 8oz Filet or 12 oz Ribeye fur 6 bucks

Half Rack BBQ Ribs

The better half to any combo. Slow cooked and smothered in our own honey BBQ sauce

BBQ Chicken Breast

This saucy bird is grilled to perfection and topped with our special BBQ blend


Served grilled or crispy fried. These Shrimp taste so good, you'll think they're fresh out da crick!

Ruttenbucks Cattle Ranch

Add bleu cheese, mushrooms, onion or horseradish sauce for a buck each

Da Boot Ribeye*


This one right here is the most sought out steak in our neck of the woods. With a boot full of seasonings served with two sides. 12 oz. Hillbilly

Big Country*


When you have a hankerin for a cowboy size meal,
this 16 oz porterhouse will fill you up.

Mountaineer Filet*


This right here is our most tender steak.Ya get a 8 oz filet seasoned to perfectionand cooked up just the way yunz like
with your choice of 2 sides.

Texas T-Bone


We went on the hunt fur this big ole T-bone to serve up to yer liking

Lil' Heifer


Fur yer little hankerin' of steak, this hand cut lil' heifer hits the spot. Saddle it up with 2 side

Main Fixins'


Not to toot our own horn but our ribs are darn good. We slow cook em with our secret seasoning then charbroil them with our own honey BBQ sauce and to be honest with ya sometimes it's hard to keep them together because the meat is fallen off the bone. Served with your choice of two sides. Winner of best food at Chefs Auction 2012 & 2013
Half Rack $16.00
Full Rack $22.00


You choose seasoned chicken or steak n we will take care of the rest. Served up for you with roasted peppers n onions with all the fixens including brown rice, hand cut pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, cheese blend,salsa, sour cream n wraps.
Steak $15.00
Shrimp$14 bucks
Add guacamole fur 2 bucks

Shrimp Dinner


10 shrimp, grilled or fried a top a mound of brown rice n serve it up with a side of our own chipotle ranch sauce. With choice of two sides

The Canadian


This here big boy is going to show you all what reel fish is all about. Served up three different ways; grilled, Cajun or fried with your choice of two sides. Gotta getcha some.

Heapin Hen


Queen of the coop, with a heapin helpin of sautéed onions, sweet red n green peppers, bacon n a blend of shredded Cheddar n Mozz, heaped atop a juicy grilled chicken breast n side kicked with a side of BBQ sauce. Served with two sides.

Damn Good Grub

Hot Beef


Our roast is freshly baked and sliced right here and it comes to you surrounded by two pieces of grilled Texas toast and your choice of fries or mashed taters, all smothered in our brown gravy. With one side veggie.

Hot Turkey


Two pieces of our grilled Texas toast sandwiched around our freshly baked bird, and any turkey could tell ya, this ole favorite just couldn't get any better. With your choice of mashed taters or fries, we smother the whole thing with gravy. Add a veggie.



This one is an ole family recipe that leaves everyone smiling. With your choice of mashed taters or fries you get two 4 oz slices with a blanket of brown gravy toppin it all. Pick your self one side veggie with this one.

Liver & Onions


Two 6 oz slices of tender baby beef liver, rolled in flour and slowly grilled with butter, sauteed onions and bacon. Your choice of fries or mashed taters and gravy with one side veggie.

Beef Melt


An open faced roast beef sandwich topped with sauteed onions, brown gravy and melted Mozzarella and Provolone blend with a side of mashed taters and your choice of a veggie.



A heaping plate of sketti with Dad's darn good down home sauce. Served up with two coal chunk sized meatballs and two cheesy breadstix.

"The Tipsy"


No this bull didn't fall in beer, he's just sliced and diced and served on a mound of some buttered noodles and topped with our own savory brown mushroom gravy
Served with 1 side

Po Noodle Bowl


What you get when you mix a heap of mashed taters and noodles with yer choice of chicken or beef gravy served with Texas toast
Add chicken fur 3 bucks Add steak fur 5 bucks


French Fries


Onion Rings


Baked Tater


Sweet Tater


Sweet Tater Fries


Mashed Taters


Grilled Shrimp


Brown Rice


Baked Beans


Steamed Broccoli


Cole Slaw


Green Beans


Buttered Corn


Cobb a Corn (summertime)


Side Salad


Texas Toast


Young Bucks

Kids 12 and under.
*Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish & eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Kids Steak*


A 6 oz sirloin cooked to your little ones liken with a side of fries.

Chicken Fingers


Two deep fried chicken tenderloins with a side of fries.



Dressed up any way they want with fries.

Kids Ribs


1/3 rack of our finger licken BBQ ribs with a side of fries.



Little Buck helpin of Sketti with one coal chunk size meatball an one breadstix.

Yorkie Fries


Deep fried chicken tenderloins and your choice of sauce and a hearty helping of homemade slaw and fries.



Diet Pepsi

Mountain Dew

Sierra Mist

Dr. Pepper

Iced Tea

Sweet Tea

Orange Soda




Chocolate Chip Cookies

(1) for $1.00
(4) for $3.00

Cookie Sandwich


2 Hot cookies surround a mound of vanilla ice cream and topped with a heap of whip cream an hot fudge.

Brownie Sundae


Homemade rich chocolate brownie served up with a scoop of ice cream, whipped topping and chocolate sauce.

*Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish & eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.